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Updated May 2007

The CD Handel, Mozart and Janáček is now available. A summary of the review of Janáček's Otčenáš can be found in the reviews section. We at Slalom SDL Ltd. hope that you will be as delighted as much as we are with the release of this third CD with Mr. Levine. A fourth CD is only now in the planning stages. We look forward to a CD of Baroque Vocal Music accompanied by Maestro Hagai Yodan.

Updated october 2006

The CD Janáček's Otčenáš has been released. On this same album, you can also hear a remastered version of Mr. Levine's trademark rendition of Schumann's Dichterliebe. The sculpture "David 1" created in honor of Mr. Levine by the famous Israeli sculptur, Eli Ben-Sasson, graces this CD's graphics. Tenor David E. Levine is the first artist to perform and record this electrifying piece of music by Janáček in Israel.

Updated April 2006

Next time you visit the Surya Hotel, a luxury airport hotel near the Cochin International Aiport of India, don't be surprised to hear Mr. Levine's sweet voice over the hotel's PA system. The Dichterliebe disc was chosen by the hotel management to be the classical vocal music exemplar in the hotel lobby, for its discriminating guests. We at Slalom SDL applaud the Surya Hotel for choosing Mr. Levine's debut album.

Updated January 2006

Janáček's Otčenáš in final production stages, we bring you a critic's awed response at the premiere performance of the piece in Israel, back in 1997.

Click here to read the critique.

Updated December 2005

David performed at the Felicia Blumenthal Music Center  on December 3, 2005

Mr. Levine's performance at the Felicia Blumanthal Music Center (FBMC) was emotional and inspiring. The FBMC hall, relatively small, allowed for an intimate interaction with the audience, which responded in kind with a standing ovation not only in the hall itself, but - as Mr. Levine was leaving - in the foyer, too. Pictures to follow soon.

Updated October 2005

Personal stone sculpture considered for Otčenáš CD graphics

Mr. Levine's rendition of Janáček's masterpiece underway, Slalom's graphics artists are considering a unique stone sculpture to be portrayed on the cover of the new CD. This carving, an abstract embodiment of David's talent and sonorous voice, was created by the French-Israeli sculpturer Eli Ben-Sasson, a close friend.

Updated October 2005

Recording of Otčenáš by Leoš Janáček in post-production stage

Janáček's breathtaking musical gem was recorded for the first time with piano accompaniment, according to Janáček's original autograph.